Each package offers a once in a lifetime experience tailored to the intended individual.

Due to Price jump, again, all prices have been edited:

Mystery Thriller Package: .025 BPCN
Fantasy Thriller package: .025 BPCN
Famous Star Package: .05 BPCN
All Gone Package: .05 BPCN
Better Off Dead Package: .075 BPCN
Stuck in Time Package: .08 BPCN
Treasure Hunt Package: .1 BPCN
The specifics of the events are not given out in full entirety to any one individual. Events are enacted by multiple individuals who are paid after the event is completed.
Rewards for completing tasks in the experiences will range from cash, to crypto, to more.

Smaller, world-wide events will take place allowing for users to earn BPNC for their own experience.


General Admissions
.01 BPCN